Assassin’s “Stronger” Video Offers Inspiration For Hard Times

The artist also known as Agent Sasco tells a tale of struggle and triumph.

July 11, 2016

Assassin's Theory of Reggaetivity came right on time. When it was released earlier this year, the album, a collection of pure reggae songs, felt like a much-needed injection of brightness into an otherwise dark and frigid February. Today, the artist also known as Agent Sasco is premiering the video for "Stronger," a particularly anthemic cut off the album and it, too, feels right on time.


Assassin and director Ras Kassa illustrate the song's broad call for strength in the face of arduous times — Well I say give thanks fi obstacles inna we way/ Because the hurdles teach we fi jump, he sings —through the life, love, and hard work of a Jamaican banana farmer. "'Stronger' was inspired by the stories of adversity, struggle and triumph, taking the view that obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow. We decided to use the story of a small banana farmer to portray the central themes of the songs," Assassin told The FADER over email.

According to the video's opening titles, just five corporations control over 80 percent of the world's banana exports, while farmers toil daily for a sliver of the rewards. To them, Assassin offers these words of inspiration: If everything did smooth everyday/ We wouldn’t know we could overcome/ ‘Cause if don’t kill me, I know it’s gonna build me.

Assassin’s “Stronger” Video Offers Inspiration For Hard Times