Doe Demolish Fake Allies And Coco Pops In Their “Sincere” Music Video

The London punk group pig out in the name of authentic solidarity.

July 12, 2016

This video for "Sincere" from London punk group Doe begins with a clear-eyed vision of someone pretending to have a big heart. You're so commanding, the lies are outstanding/ A perfect portrayal of a person who cares, the song goes. While the track could be targeting fake allies of all stripes, the band told The FADER over email that they are being specific. "'Sincere' is a rage pop song about dudes who are great at learning and regurgitating information and appearing like they actually give a shit about women's issues, when their behavior in private shows a different story."


The video rejects confrontation and places the three-piece inside an apartment, silently stuffing their faces with bowls of Coco Pops and spaghetti. "We wanted the video to reflect the playfulness of the song. Our [plan] was essentially ‘food and sarcastic facial expressions’ and Andrew (Northrop, who made it) came back with the goods and even threw emojis in there for good measure." Doe's debut album Some Things Last Longer Than You is out September 9.

Doe Demolish Fake Allies And Coco Pops In Their “Sincere” Music Video