ABRA Shares Princess EP

Dark vibes for summer nights from the Awful Records representer.

July 15, 2016


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Awful Records - the left-field, Atlanta-based collective - is known for producing off-kilter rap music that lives on the internet. For some time, ABRA has been an anomaly in the group, a singer and producer who has forged her own sound at a time when music that largely exists online is starting to sound like one big, very easily definable genre.


"Am I gonna croon to these people who are tryna turn up?," ABRA asked rhetorically when speaking to The FADER a little over a year ago. With the Princess EP, released today on True Panther, it seems as though she's sticking to her guns. Over the course of six tracks, ABRA expands on the sparse yet melodic sound that she has been pushing forward for the better part of two years. Listen to ABRA's Princess EP now on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

ABRA Shares Princess EP