Watch Chicago’s Akenya. Explore Her City In Surreal “Disappear” Video

Her distinct blend of hip-hop and jazz will get stuck in your head.

July 15, 2016

Chicago has always been a producer of great musical talent but it seems recently the post-Chance attention has extended the spotlight to more emerging artists. Singer-songwriter Akenya. (the period is intentional) was born and raised in Chicago, and her music is an experimental blend of hip-hop, jazz, and soul. Today we're premiering her new video for "Disappear," a minimalistic, jazzy song that seems to be an eerie homage to her hometown. She's seen wandering on the city's public transportation, lost in the snow. The shaky camera work and her jerky movements match the song's heavy beats and suggest a sense of oncoming insanity.


"The chorus to 'Disappear' came to me as I was waking from a dream one day," Akenya. told The FADER via email, "I think the song has a surreal quality to it. The spacious shots of Chicago and its many 'El' stations kind of create an urban Alice in Wonderland effect."

"Disappear" is the first single from Akenya.'s upcoming LP, Moon in the 4th. Watch the video above and buy the track here.

Watch Chicago’s Akenya. Explore Her City In Surreal “Disappear” Video