Lil B Pens Open Letter To Kevin Durant And Says He Wants His 1-On-1 Game

The curse is lifted but Based God wants still wants to ball.

July 18, 2016

NBA superstar Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors earlier in July effectively making them a league powerhouse. After the signing to his hometown squad Lil B lifted his previous "curse" he had placed on Durant.


Early Monday morning The Undefeated posted an open letter from Lil B to Kevin Durant. Lil B says that his 1-on-1 game with Durant that never happened and created the curse originally "still has to happen." He also commends Durant on being "brave" more than once for making the decision to sign with the Warriors. Then he gets into how his current game will stack up against Durant's. Lil B is quite confident in his skills.

"I like where I’m at right now with my game and how much better I’ve gotten. I’m a real defensive guy. My defense really speaks loudly, which rolls over on offense. I have a pretty decent midrange shot. I like getting to the rack. I like getting to the hoop. I’m kind of like Russell Westbrook, but I can’t dunk. Just as far as going to the hole. I’m not saying all aspects of Russell Westbrook’s game because I don’t have the same aspects. I’m coming to the court with a lot of confidence now."

The Based God offers up no predictions on how many championships his Warriors will win but he's definitely stoked for the upcoming season. And his Russell Westbrook-like on-court game.

Lil B Pens Open Letter To Kevin Durant And Says He Wants His 1-On-1 Game