Frank Ocean’s Mysterious Video Only Works In Safari

Because Apple.

August 01, 2016

Hmmmm.. 🔥🆕▶️✍🏾🔥

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On early Monday morning, Frank Ocean's website began broadcasting a live video stream of a man doing building something in front of a Tom Sachs installation. As many people on Twitter noticed, the video stream — which has the Apple Music logo in the upper righthand corner —only works on Apple's Safari browser, and not other browsers like Google Chrome.

Apple's employed a similar strategy for the streaming of its big announcement events since around 2011. Predictably it's lead to the Twitter cliché that it's the "one day a year" you open Safari.

Apple so far has not returned a request for comment about Ocean's relationship to the company, but Apple Music’s head of content Larry Jackson uploaded the following post to Instagram on Monday morning.

Frank Ocean’s Mysterious Video Only Works In Safari