A Brief History Of Kanye West And Drake’s Collaborative Project

Kanye in 2015: “It was going to be called Wolves.”

August 02, 2016

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On August 1, Kanye appeared at the final night of Drake's OVO Fest and teased the possibility of a collaborative album coming from the two. This isn't the first time the two have discussed putting out a project together. Here's a quick timeline of how we got here.

February 2015: Kanye talks to The Breakfast Club about having an album with Drake.

"It was going to be called Wolves. Kanye talked to the radio show about where the song "Wolves" came from, a conversation with Drake about doing an album together. "It was supposed to be called Wolves...we said we was gonna do it, he was sending beats back and forth," Kanye said."

February 2016: Kanye tweets that they worked together during sessions for The Life Of Pablo.
April 2016: Drake teases their mixtape to Zane Lowe right before Views is released.

During a special Views episode of OVO Sound Radio, Drake revealed that he and Kanye were supposed to make a mixtape or album together. "We have a great relationship," Drake said. "I hope we get more music out. We were supposed to do a mixtape together, an album together."

He also commented on Kanye's "phenomenal pool."

July 2016: Kanye tweets about ending beef between Apple and Tidal.
August 2016: Kanye and Drake tease possibility of new album at OVO Fest.

Kanye West showed up for Drake's last night of the 2016 OVO Fest (he previously attended in 2013) and asked the crowd if they were "ready for this album" as Drake joined him onstage. Drake then added "Are y'all ready if we make this album," to the crowd's delight.

A Brief History Of Kanye West And Drake’s Collaborative Project