Nipsey Hussle’s “Shell Shocked” Outlines The Habits Of Highly Effective Rappers

Got the game from the old school/Focus on breaking all the rules.

August 02, 2016

Nipsey Hussle released "Shell Shocked" late last night, coming in just under the wire to meet his deadline for "Marathon Mondays," his weekly release schedule of strong, distinctive music. On "Shell Shocked," the L.A. rapper takes stock of his accomplishments and all the circumstances that could have prevented him from his current level of achievement. Fitting subject matter for such a serious, underwater beat co-produced by Mike & Keys, Resource, MARS and Tariq, but on the hook, Nipsey makes it clear he's not stuck in the past: I just ball like I'm supposed to.


On the track's cover art, seen above, Nipsey is sketching on a whiteboard under the title "Marathon Package Campaign." Could a physical "Marathon Mondays" release be in the post, or perhaps it's related to Nipsey's long-awaited album Victory Lap?