Southern Shores’s Debut LP, Loja, Is Finally Almost Here

The sweet-sounding Cascine duo kick it off with “Palo Alto.”

August 02, 2016
Southern Shores’s Debut LP, <i>Loja</i>, Is Finally Almost Here Alyson Hardwick

The Toronto duo Southern Shores were the first group I ever wrote about who were signed to Cascine — a label that I eventually also released music on — back in my first blog post of 2011. It was a wistful time and they made wistful music: placeless but with diverse instrumentation evocative of a single united globe, and basically always happy-sounding. Five years later it can feel like a lot of things on Earth are worse, and so it’s exceedingly refreshing that Southern Shores have stayed the same.


Their debut album, Loja, will be released on Cascine on September 2, and is available for pre-order now. “Palo Alto” is the lead single. “‘Palo Alto’ is a song of blissful yearning; for another place, another time,” the pair wrote over email. “It has its eyes set on the horizon. The whole record echoes this sentiment, combining feelings of hope, expectation, nostalgia and love. Creatively and personally, Loja is a work of renewal and escapism.” A whispered, transporting banger, and arriving none too soon.

Southern Shores’s Debut LP, Loja, Is Finally Almost Here