Kelvin Peña Is Best Friends With A Deer Named Money

He’s been documenting their glorious hangs on his Twitter.

August 03, 2016

Kelvin Peña has gained considerable social fame of late for his Twitter (@COLDGAMEKELV) posts with a deer that hangs out in his backyard. He's affectionately named the deer Money. It's a beautiful friendship.


Kelvin introduced the world to Money by sharing some crackers (they look to be Club) with the deer and talking about how they play basketball together.

Kelvin spoke with Buzzfeed and said he first offered Money an apple, and when he didn't run away he offered crackers instead. Video was shot and a social media star was born.

Money's not even the only deer bud he's made. He's got a whole deer squad.

He also started providing some healthier snacks to the crew like strawberries. "Everybody eats."


Healthy snacks and some physical activity for the deer squad.

Check Kelvin's Twitter @COLDGAMEKELV for more Money content.

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Kelvin Peña Is Best Friends With A Deer Named Money