Motion Graphics’s “Anyware” Video Is Probably From The Future

The New York-based digital composer made it with animation collective Culturesport.

August 05, 2016
Motion Graphics’s “Anyware” Video Is Probably From The Future Andrew Strasser

Motion Graphics is the recording project of Joe Williams, a New York-based electronic artist. He used to release songs as White Williams, has played in Maxmillion Dunbar’s Lifted ensemble, and was behind the original score of 12 O'Clock Boys, the great 2013 documentary about teen dirt bikers in Baltimore. His self-titled Motion Graphics debut, out August 26th on Domino, was, according to a press release, "inspired in part by the ambient sound effects of digital menu systems."


Just like on the drowsy first single, Williams has again linked with animation collective and Telfar collaborators Culturesport for a new visual for album track "Anyware." The song is a futuristic composition built from thick, glassy layers of organic and artificial elements. And the animated video, starring an alien form jogging through an iridescent landscape that's perpetually just out of focus, pairs nicely with the instrumental. In an email to The FADER, Williams had this to say about the song and clip, which is debuting below:

The opening marimba was written on an Amtrak headed to Grand Central Terminal. MIDI sequencing new tracks, moving between cities in rapid transit. This area is where I see the landscape of "Anyware" living. The animation from CULTURESPORT chimes in on this while the album art jogs inside a dancing bear DNA sequence. It doesn’t run out of breath, like the hyper patterning of the brass and woodwinds.

Motion Graphics’s “Anyware” Video Is Probably From The Future