Funkmaster Flex Responds To Drake’s Comments On Hot 97

“I see through you. And that’s why you so angry.”

August 06, 2016

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Earlier this week, a number of outlets, including The FADER, reported that Drake said "fuck Hot 97" on the opening night of a series of shows at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Video evidence later revealed that the Toronto rapper actually said, "They telling lies on Hot 97, that's how it goes / I told 'em fire Funk Flex and then I'll do your show."


The reference to Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex is part of a longrunning feud between the two over allegations that Drake has employed ghostwriters, allegations that Drake has responded to through tracks like "Charged Up" and his Meek Mill diss track, "Back To Back."

Following Drake's comments, Flex promised that he would respond in kind with a story of his own on Hot 97 and today, he made good on his promise, taking ample time to address his feud with Drake, who he admitted is a "great entertainer." His problem, though, Flex claimed is that if Drake wants to be counted among the "Top 5" rappers, performers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, he must write all his own music.

Which lead into Flex's big reveal: According to the DJ, the video of a 2009 Drake appearance on Hot 97 where the rapper can be seen checking his Blackberry before starting his freestyle was never meant to see the light of day in the interest of protecting the Canadian rapper's reputation. But apparently, Drake's team insisted that it be released as proof that he writes his own verses.

"You wanted people to think that you write your bars, you wanted people to think that on that BlackBerry those [words] were yours, and that you wrote that" Flex told listeners. "I see through you. And that’s why you so angry."

Asked if he was worried about being fired, as Drake has called for, Funkmaster Flex expressed little concern: "Want me to tell you why [I'm not worried]? Because 70 percent of [Drake] fans wear high-heels, the other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals."

Listen to Flex's entire response below:


The FADER has reached out to representatives for Drake for comment.

Funkmaster Flex Responds To Drake’s Comments On Hot 97