Jawnii-Abhi Misses His “Flip Phone”

You better run before I see ya

August 09, 2016

Virginia's floaty singer, Jawnii-Abhi keeps his melody simple just like a "Flip Phone." On the track produced by Hovey Benjamin, Abhi has fun with his word play. He approaches the eerie beat with light vocals, singing about everything from being a writer like Charles Dickens to missing his flip phone. In the video for his new track, he sips gin in a thick and smoky haze.

Over email, Abhi told The FADER,, "I just want to make good music. 'Flip Phone' was a new sound for me, however, it was a sound that I'd kinda pursued for quite some time. I just want people to listen and enjoy doing so."


Check out the video above and the song below.

Jawnii-Abhi Misses His “Flip Phone”