Joy Crookes Plays With Fire On Trip-Soul Single “Sinatra”

The South London artists contemplates a dangerous allure on her new track.

August 10, 2016
Joy Crookes Plays With Fire On Trip-Soul Single “Sinatra” Photo by Lukas Van Oudenhove

Joy Crookes is a 17-year-old musician from South London, who sounds assured beyond her years on "Sinatra." The alluring tune follows "New Manhattan," and like that first single, "Sinatra" braids trip-hop atmospheres with deeply considered soul melodies and just the right amount of orchestral strings, to give the song's romantic turmoil some sense of stakes. In its most majestic moments, "Sinatra" is like a Bond theme you can smoke to.


“‘Sinatra' is about a fatal attraction," Joy told The FADER over email. "Most of us can relate to misguided love… being with, or staying with someone who isn’t right for you. You can almost become addicted to a person; the ‘Sinatra Charm’ as referenced in the song. This person has the ability to make to feel like you are the centre of their universe, like they would do anything for you, when in reality, in the next moment they can make you feel completely insignificant. It’s a game that gets you mad, but it’s also exciting… it's a game that keeps you hooked.”

Joy Crookes Plays With Fire On Trip-Soul Single “Sinatra”