RaH And DJ Khaled Own The Night In The Video For “Black Lambo”

Hold the gas down on the Murciélago.

August 10, 2016


Crooning R&B singer RaH owns the road with DJ Khaled in the video for "Black Lambo." In the fast black matte car, Rah revels in the stillness of the nighttime as he speeds to a rendezvous where two women await him. In and out of lanes, he rolls to his winning maneuver backed by Khaled, who posts up on the Murciélago.

Over email, Rah told The FADER, " I first wrote "Black Lambo" with the idea of Batman riding through Gotham. That's how the beat made me feel. I have always loved cars and I painted an imagery of a nighttime mystery scene taking inspiration from a few Hollywood nights. After Khaled recorded his part, I went back and changed a few lyrics and re recorded."

He continued, "We've been through a lot with this song and shooting this video and am ecstatic to finally release it to the world. There's a lot to RaH, and I plan to show it in the biggest and most creative spectacles in the years to come."

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RaH And DJ Khaled Own The Night In The Video For “Black Lambo”