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Meet Bizness Boi, The Emerging Producer On PARTYNEXTDOOR’s P3

The L.A. producer worked on four of the album’s sixteen tracks.

August 12, 2016

Business as usual

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PARTYNEXTDOOR's new album P3 dropped today, and one name pops up periodically over the record's 16 tracks: Bizness Boi a.k.a. Andre Robertson, a 28-old producer from L.A. You might recognize the name from his production on "Cuffed Up," PARTYNEXTDOOR and Quavo's smoky and banging ode to relationships. But his impressive presence on P3 – he produced "Don't Know How," and co-produced "Don't Run," "You've Been Missed," and "Transparency – marks Bizness Boi as one of the producers helping broaden OVO's sound. The FADER caught up with him for a brief email chat about his origins, influences, and the making of P3.


Who are some of your favorite producers and why?

I would have to say Teddy Riley, Timbaland, Pharrell, Kanye West, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are my favorites. Teddy Riley had that bounce with those hypnotizing melodies on top of drums. Timbaland is the king of bounce! His vision of music is CRAZY! Pharrell's production is effortless. He adds a lot of soul to his production from the piano to the strings to the rhythm section. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are LEGENDS! They've made timeless music over and over for the world.


How did PARTYNEXTDOOR get in touch with you to work on P3?

I started working with PARTYNEXTDOOR in the summer of 2015 courtesy of my bro Prep "Bijan" Hughes. Me & Prep grew up together in Milwaukee, WI, my hometown. He began engineering for PND last year. They were locked in day after day after day, creating. After a couple of months of working, Prep gave me PND's email and the rest is history. I sent the joint Sevn Thomas, Larry Sanders, and I produced called "Don't Run" to PND on September 22, 2015. He replied back "TEXT ME!" From then we started cooking up music non stop. He's really a great guy to work with. Very very very creative.

Were you ever in the studio with PND? Describe what the studio sessions like. Were they compatible with your usual work process?


Me and PND have been in the studio together countless times. All the sessions were pure vibes. I've seen PND run through and knock out records back to back. PND & Prep have this crazy chemistry. We all work fast but also smart, putting our minds together to make sure the quality is always A1. PND wanted to give the world his story, trials, and tribulations. My task was to provide new sounds and push the boundaries. Whatever changes he needed, I'd knock it out the same day. We work fast!

What was the biggest lesson you learned working on this record?

I learned more patience, to be more grateful, and that God is the real plug! Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Meet Bizness Boi, The Emerging Producer On PARTYNEXTDOOR’s P3