Blaqstarr’s Video For “Moan Her Lease Her” Is A Fast-Paced, Intimate Encounter

His new EP drops on London label GASS Records at the end of the month.

August 17, 2016

Multitalented Baltimore artist Blaqstarr is releasing a new EP, entitled Moan Her Lease Her, on NTS Radio DJ Mamiko Motto's London label, GASS Records. Above, we're premiering the video for the record's title track. A lilting guitar melody, coupled with blown-out handclaps and Blaqstarr's seductive vocals, lends a sensuous rhythm to the song; it's fast-paced and extremely danceable, but also potentially fitting for a more intimate moment.


The video capitalizes on this latter element. Directed by Shane Annas, it features Blaqstarr picking up a woman, and sleeping with her in a nondescript hotel room. The actual encounter, however, is brief, and the video instead focuses on visions of the two lovers gazing in the mirror afterwards. The woman splashes water on her face, while a masked Blaqstarr sings to their reflections, playing with themes of self-perception, physical and emotional vulnerability, and the link between private and public lives.

Blaqstarr described his recording process to The FADER over email: "I always start with the beat and then start mumbling over the track; I call it spirit talk, then I play it on repeat and interpret the lyrics. I was just having fun with this and everyone was in love with how it came out. When I had my wife listen to it, she pointed out other songs I had with a prostitution theme and suggested an EP. I'm realizing now I might be a sex addict, that might've inspired it as well."

The EP also comes with an "erotic coloring book" illustrated by artist Jimmy Malone, and drops August 26 worldwide via Idol. You can preorder Moan Her Lease Her here.

Blaqstarr’s Video For “Moan Her Lease Her” Is A Fast-Paced, Intimate Encounter