Kevin Hussein Releases His Debut EP Cybersex

An eight track project inspired by the Internet.

August 22, 2016
Kevin Hussein Releases His Debut EP <i>Cybersex</i> Kenneth Govan

Brooklyn singer, Kevin Hussein releases his debut 10-track EP Cybersex. He opens up the project with, "3A," a song coated with Hussein's airy vocals and a synth instrumental. Hussein's building upon a genre which he calls "cybersoul," which he explores on heartfelt tracks with upbeat electronic dance grooves.


Over email, Hussein explained the story behind Cybersex, "The inspiration behind the project is the Internet—AOL Chatrooms, Myspace, Black Planet, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Craiglist if you want to be sketchy. Cybersex is a search for love, success, happiness, spirituality, sex and all of my desires that are met through the internet. It's virtually impossible not to date someone without digitally stalking them or checking them out first. This may because we expose ourselves online which therefore alters getting to know someone. Sometimes it can speed up the relationship or enhance your interests.

He continued, "I was raised in group homes most of my teenage years so I couldn't trust anyone there but I could trust people on the computer. I normally don't ask people questions or advice. I just type into my Google search for everything."

Kevin Hussein Releases His Debut EP Cybersex