Watch Maxwell’s “1990x” Video

The singer’s latest visual from his blackSUMMERS’night album.

August 23, 2016

Maxwell returned in July with blackSUMMERS'night, his first studio album in seven years. If it's possible, the extended break made Maxwell's soulful sounds even more refined, and the new album somehow sounded completely of the times without adhering to popular tropes. "I stay away from trying to be a pop guy because I feel like it’s this downward spiral at the end of the day," the 43-year-old told The FADER in July. "It's so easy to get played out when you go there."


In his new video for "1990x," Maxwell sticks to a clear aesthetic. He stands overlooking a vintage car, in a perfectly tailored suit, as he sings, There's no lyric to read from/ There's just me and the moment. Watch Maxwell's "1990x" video above.

Thumbnail image: Eric Johnson for The FADER.

Watch Maxwell’s “1990x” Video