Listen To Episode 28 Of OVO Sound Radio

It looks like the episode will be dedicated to longtime OVO collaborator, Lil Wayne.

August 27, 2016

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Tonight's episode, hosted by Oliver El Khatib, appears to be dedicated to Lil Wayne and will start just before the New Orlean's rapper's Lil Weezyana Fest kicks off in the Crescent City tonight at 8:30pm EST.


Update: Despite the the Lil Wayne-inspired artwork, tonight's OVO Sound didn't feature any songs from the NOLA rapper. Still, there were some special outtakes from tonight's show, including a remix of Views track, "Grammys," by London rapper C-Biz as well as tracks from Baka and Lil Cray ("Star Wars"). El Khatib then ended the show with a special mix by Toronto rap acts like Jelleestone, Solitair, Ghetto Concept, and more.

Listen To Episode 28 Of OVO Sound Radio