Kablam Remixed Tomasa Del Real And Talisto’s Reggaetón Duet, “Tu Señora”

The Swedish producer’s “Psycho-Mutation Remix” is delicate at first, then twisted.

Photographer Märta Thisner
August 31, 2016

While on tour in Europe last summer, Chilean reggaetón artist Tomasa del Real met Stockholm producer Talisto after he booked her to play his club night. During the trip, they wrote and recorded a duet called "Tu Señora," a gentle, bubbling song of longing that came out on Talisto’s label KLACK in February. "[The song is] about a long distance relationship," Talisto told The FADER over email, "but also about being in love with someone you mostly dream of and fantasize about, but can't be together with, whatever the reason is." (The video — shot in both freezing Stockholm and the desert of Iquique where del Real lives — is pretty lovely too.)


Six months on, GEN F alum Kablam is sharing a remix that zooms in on the two artists' voices, as if to give them space to work things out. Then, as the song progresses, del Real's voice begins to sink into its electronic framework, rising again as a distorted, digitized version of herself. You know, like when the Skype call to your long distance lover cracks up and you're left with computer static.

"Gonzalo (Talisto) asked if I wanted to make a remix, and I was very excited 'cause I had been listening to the original a lot; it’s so beautiful," Kablam told The FADER over email. "In the remix, I’ve only kept the acapella. It starts gentle with Gonzalo’s honey-soft voice, and then it’s as if Tomasa gets transformed during the song, coming out in the end as something completely different. A 'psycho-mutation.'"

"We didn't think about it too much when we wrote it, nor about it's impact outside our circles," Tomasa del Real told The FADER over email. "I love that people from different contexts can feel it, like it, and do their very own version."