Greggo’s Haunted By Chicago Violence In “T Shirts” Video

People keep dying from gun violence and Greggo doesn’t want to be next.

September 01, 2016


Greggo portrays the harrowing effects of gun violence in Chicago in his video for "T Shirts." In a city where many of his comrades have died from bullets, their lives become memorialized on t shirts. Greggo talks about a lifestyle of pain that he and his peers have endured due to the cycle of trauma that many of them haven't survived. As he raps on a block surrounded by friends and in familiar alleys and backyards, he's unashamed of where he comes from but he's clear about his future: I don't want to be the one up on no t-shirt.

Over email, Greggo told The FADER, “One of my close homies Spade was gunned down in 2015 while getting into his car. If it wasn’t for Spade I probably wouldn’t be doing any of this, he inspired me to start this journey back in 2007. The murder rate is very high in Chicago today due to violence."

He continued, "There was a time when people would hang shoes on power lines to symbolize the lost of a friend or family member. Today in Chicago, R.I.P T Shirts are more common. I wrote "T Shirts" for every life that has been lost in Chicago due to violence and I also wrote it for those that think there’s no way out of the street lifestyle. There’s always a way.”

Greggo’s Haunted By Chicago Violence In “T Shirts” Video