Mic Righteous Tackles The Immigrant Experience In The Powerful “Be There” Video

Vivienne Westwood and Tone also feature on the Londoner’s single.

September 06, 2016

U.K. rapper Mic Righteous's "Be There" video opens with a rap from British designer Vivienne Westwood that takes in climate change, austerity, and questions the honesty of mainstream media. The video is set in a dystopian future version of London where people are left to fight for food. Over scenes of society on its knees Westwood urges listeners to speak with one voice at a time when, “Everyone is talking but only our map gives the complete picture.” This is a reference to the Climate Revolution map that shows the land mass that will become uninhabitable if the earth’s temperature continues to rise at its current rate.


As well as ecological issues, director Robin Boyd addresses topics such as the war in Syria and the refugee crisis in his ambitious promo. "The intention of using our own streets and society as the setting is to make current world issues, including the refugee crisis, more relatable to our audience at home, by bringing a Syria-style war scenario to the streets of England," Boyd told The FADER via email. Mic Righteous continues this theme with a verse in which he speaks about how being a first generation immigrant shaped his life, while Tone's soulful falsetto elevates the song further.

"The message contained within the video asks a number of questions," Boyd adds. "Most of all, it approaches the refugee crisis in a sensitive and relatable way. With the use of World War 2 archive footage to make its statement about the current day crisis, it asks; what’s changed? How many times will history repeat itself?"

"Be There" will appear on Righteous's forthcoming album, Dreamland. Watch the video, premiering on The FADER today, now. All of Vivienne Westwood's royalties will be going to the charity Refugee Council.

Mic Righteous Tackles The Immigrant Experience In The Powerful “Be There” Video