Kelly Lee Owens Looks To Space With The Cosmic “CBM”

The British artist will release her Oleic EP in October.

September 07, 2016
Kelly Lee Owens Looks To Space With The Cosmic “CBM” Kim Hiorthøy

It's increasingly difficult to pigeonhole Londoner Kelly Lee Owens's style. Her most recent single "1 Of 3" was an ambient gem while 2015's "Lucid" was much more pop-orientated. "Arthur", a techno-leaning ode to Arthur Russell, was recently chosen by Alexander McQueen to accompany their AW16 collection.


On October 21 she releases new EP Oleic and The FADER is premiering the first song "CBM" today. The EP will be released via the Smalltown Supersound label and its lead single finds Owens looking to space for influence.

"C.B.M stands for Colours, Beauty, Motion," Owens told The FADER via email. "It’s related to the cosmic perspective of our planet. I was inspired by astronauts interpretations of the 'Overview’ effect - which "is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface.” The music represents in some way the motion of traveling around the planet at speed, that slightly lucid & disorientating experience as well as it being awe inspiring and maybe leaving you changed for good.”

Kelly Lee Owens Looks To Space With The Cosmic “CBM”