K.I.D’s “Errors” Is Like A Plastic Bag Floating Through The Wind

Listen to the new single from the Misery-saga (uh, Mississauga), Ontario band.

September 08, 2016

Before the Toronto suburb of Mississauga was glamorized by PARTYNEXTDOOR, it was just another humdrum extension of a big city. Kara and Bobby of K.I.D know the place well: they grew up there — and refer to it as Misery-saga — but clearly the Sauga's placid urbanity left a creative impact. Suburban nostalgia defines K.I.D's debut single "Errors," which sounds like the kind of sunny FM radio pop singles you might listen to while listlessly driving down Erin Mills Parkway, on your way to chill with friends in a Tim Horton's parking lot.


Except, as Kara and Bobby explained in an email to The FADER, the inspiration for the track is a lot more, well, miserable. "We’re fascinated by this new thing where girls are carrying around anti-anxiety meds in their purses, with their Trident, and it’s so ordinary. It’s like half the people you meet are either anxious or depressed, and you wonder if those feelings are actually becoming more widespread, or if the language is just fashionable. As a kid, you don’t know depression is a thing. I just thought sadness was a kind of innate personality trait, and that I was the only one experiencing it. Being able to discuss it candidly, even in a pop song, is interesting. It’s nice feeling like people can sing along and relate to something about lethargy and prozac."

K.I.D recently finished recording an album with producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, The Foals) and "Errors" suggests that it'll be a similarly self-conscious trip. "Most of our album lyrics are a bit self deprecating, but we feel like pairing those ideas, like There’s an error in me, with brighter sounds and melodies, makes the darkness of it all more digestible."

K.I.D’s “Errors” Is Like A Plastic Bag Floating Through The Wind