KING Releases A Symbolic Video For “Native Land”

Take a trip to a place where beauty sprouts from both life and death.

September 08, 2016


KING utilizes visual art and 3-D illustrations in their creative new video for "Native Land." In the clip, a pink cat runs quickly through green mountains that grow as if they're trying to catch up with kitty. With the help of the three blue women who inhabit this place, the landscape constantly changes. There's a strong symbolism from the beauty that blossoms from pain. Watch the symbolic video above.

Over email, Paris Strother from KING shared the inspiration for the video with The FADER: "For ‘Native Land,’ we collaborated with Filip Anthonissen to imagine a visual journey through the landscapes of birth, life, and death, paying homage throughout to every person’s unique ancestral story."

She continued, “We love the surreal quality of this video. It’s been incredible to work with a series of artists who contribute so much to the narrative and bring the songs to life.”

Check out KING's upcoming North American Tour Dates Below:
KING Releases A Symbolic Video For “Native Land”
KING Releases A Symbolic Video For “Native Land”