Watch Anohni’s Video For “Crisis”

Featuring New York performer Storm Lever.

September 09, 2016

Anohni has shared the video for "Crisis" from her 2016 release HOPELESSNESS. The intimate clip is a shot of performance artist Storm Lever's face as she mouths the words to the track, incrementally showing more and more emotion in her face before tears start flowing. It's a simple and moving visual for the song, which stems from Anohni's position as an American taxpayer who at the same time takes issue with the country's foreign policy in relation to the Middle East.


She explained these feelings via a press release:

"De-escalation cannot occur until we truly account for what the United States has done. I wanted to model what that might look like on a personal level as an American citizen. There is an unspoken sense that the atrocities our country has committed in the Middle East are too grave to really acknowledge or account for. And yet for peace to really take hold, there is no other road forward.”

Watch the video above.

Watch Anohni’s Video For “Crisis”