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Report: Pills Found During Desiigner’s Arrest Were Steroids

They allegedly belonged to his driver.

September 12, 2016


A photo posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on

Desiigner was arrested last Friday when his SUV was pulled over after an alleged road rage incident. It was reported that he pointed a gun at another car. That charge was eventually dropped. On Monday, TMZ reported that the pills found in the SUV were not Oxycontin, but actually steroids. 302 pills of Methandrostenolone, PharmOne Oxandrolone, and Halotest Fluxymesteron were reportedly found in the car. Desiigner has claimed he had no idea they were there and they reportedly belonged to the driver. A representative for Desiigner referred The FADER to the rapper's legal team's earlier statement: "It's time to embrace the true narrative of a young black man enjoying his success and working hard for a prosperous career." Representatives for the NYPD were not immediately available for comment.

Report: Pills Found During Desiigner’s Arrest Were Steroids