Watch The Video For “Real Thing,” A Song By Lower Dens And Ariel Rechtshaid

The Baltimore group’s follow up to 2015’s Escape From Evil.

September 12, 2016

Lower Dens, whose progressive indie pop we documented in a GEN F, are following up last year's Escape From Evil with, "Real Thing," a new single. Its written by bandleader Jana Hunter, along with Arthur Bates and super-producer Ariel Rechtshaid, who brings his special retro pop sheen to Hunter's haunting melodies once more after working on the group's last album. Appropriately, the clip is also a classy and contemporary take on another retro influence: the intimate, disco-era TV performance.


"The lyrics were inspired by an advice column in an old copy of Oui magazine I found in Arthur's apartment," Hunter said in a statement. "The woman writing in to the column seemed genuinely torn between her love for her husband and her desire to fuck around. I find that kind of selfishness entirely relatable, the kind of thing all of us know about ourselves and find nearly impossible to admit. Those kinds of simultaneously internal and yet universal struggles bring me to tears. What if we could all acknowledge just those kinds of flaws, accept them, resolve not to judge each other? I mean, who wants this misery? This alienation? The greed that follows generations of repression? The jealously, oppression and injustice that come next? No. Hell no. If that's reality, I don't care to be a part of it. Or at least that's how I let myself feel from time to time, until I realize I love people and I'm part of the community of humankind and if things are gonna be better for anybody it's on me to do my part. Might seem like a lot but, for me, it's all in this song."

Watch The Video For “Real Thing,” A Song By Lower Dens And Ariel Rechtshaid