Hear Abhi/Dijon Gloriously Petty New Song “Ignore”

Stream the duo’s new song from their upcoming EP.

September 20, 2016

Abhi/Dijon's excellent 2015 Stay Up EP was a showcase of their '90s R&B bonafides. Now, the two guys, who met in Maryland and are currently making music at night after getting off their day jobs in L.A., are prepping another EP for release by the end of the year. A first taste of that project is the vicious-but-glowing "Ignore."


"We are trying to move outward narratively in our music while keeping in touch with groove, melody, and brevity," Abhi/Dijon told The FADER via email. "The songs on this release are explorations of various emotions that aren't necessarily sensual and 'Ignore' is a short song about pettiness and how quickly we can devolve into it, especially after being hurt suddenly. It's a venomous text from some dude."

Hear Abhi/Dijon Gloriously Petty New Song “Ignore”