12 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love. In no particular order.

September 23, 2016
12 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week 21 Savage: Ethan Holland; Burna Boy: Joe Penney; Kelela: Mark Hartman; Eearz: Eardrummer/Interscope

1. D.C.'s Lightshow recruited 21 Savage for "Need A Lighter," which is literally a song about needing a spark for all the drugs they got.


2. Rayana Jay is real smooth and real cool on "Nothin To Talk About" a slinky, top-down track — the type you'll end up quoting to your real friends in the group text right after a breakup.

3. After four years of silence, Dirty Projectors have come out with "Keep Your Name," a song that seems to radiate electromagnetic waves — it's deep, slow, and, per usual, unconventionally structured.


4. The just-dropped, Mike WiLL-produced "No Sleep" comes from California rapper Eearz and features Chief Keef (!!). We wanna groove all night and day to their addictive voices.

5. Quiet Luke is a songwriter with electro tendencies we're keeping an eye on. His latest, "Escapist," is simultaneously funky and melancholic. There's no escape, he sings on the refrain, calm and frustrated.

6. This Burna Boy song, "Pree Me" is so good. The wistful dancehall track got a new visual this week, which we can't stop replaying.


7. The Weeknd announced that his new album Starboy will be out in November, and released the record's title track, which features Daft Punk, and is destined to be on rotation this fall.

8. Virginia rapper Treez Lowkey linked up with young Ohio producer 16 yr old and DJ Patt for "Faded," a song that sounds like a twisted version of a Top 40 hit.

9. Aisha Mirza's voice is affecting, especially on "Fuck Me Or Destroy Me," a powerful song that features Harnaam Kaur and was produced by Tygapaw.


10. Kelela and Elysia Crampton joined magical forces (with help from conceptual artist, philosopher, and lyricist Adrian Piper) for the spectacularly New Age-y "Final Exam."

11. A new one from rap weirdo Danny Brown! It's called "Really Doe", and it features all-stars Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt. Sick.

12. To honor Shawty Lo, watch the late Atlanta rapper's last recorded video for the wavy "Put Some Respek' On It," which World Star posted the day after his passing.

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12 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week