Disco Legend Cerrone Announces Red Lips LP And Shares “Move Me” Video

A Studio 54 and Le Palace fantasy for your weekend and beyond.

September 30, 2016

Cerrone, the French DJ and Studio 54 legend, has been sampled and covered by artists long past the days of disco, and he's back today with a new song off his forthcoming LP, Red Lips. "Move Me," the video for which is premiering on The FADER today, is a vintage nightclub fantasy, glitter cannons and all. The track's vocalist is Brendan Reilly, who made an appearance on Disclosure's second album Caracal, and he gives you everything you came for.


In an email to The FADER, Cerrone explained the recording process for his new album and revealed some of his new collaborators:

"This album means a lot to me. For the past eight years, I played a lot of live music (because of my tour) but didn’t record any original album. It is really special to me because just as I did in my early career with "Love in C minor," "Supernature," or "Golden Touch," it has been entirely recorded in live conditions. I’ve spent memorable times in the studio with very talented musicians and fantastic guests: Aloe Blacc moved me a lot when he sang my music, Brendan Reilly, and Yasmin also brought so many good vibes to the recording, and Kamil Rastam's guitar skills are a pure inspiration. I hope the public will feel the connection and the vibe that brought me, the musicians and singers altogether during the recording of "Red Lips."

Watch the video above.

Disco Legend Cerrone Announces Red Lips LP And Shares “Move Me” Video