NBA YoungBoy Counts His Blessings On “Gravity”

I don’t owe nobody shit but my mama, boy.

October 03, 2016

Can't let you get ☝🏾 up on me 🖕🏽

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NBA YoungBoy's star has been steadily rising in the past few months. The title track from the 16-year-old Baton Rouge native's upcoming 38 Baby mixtape has garnered upwards of 1.5 million views on YouTube and his name is quickly diffusing beyond the borders of the South.


On Sunday night, YoungBoy released a new track from the upcoming project entitled "Gravity." On the track, he steps back to assess how far he's come. Remember I ain't have nothing to eat, I'd go steal for it/ Show you my bank account, I swear I got six figures large, he croons. Listen to "Gravity" below and look out for 38 Baby on October 20.

NBA YoungBoy Counts His Blessings On “Gravity”