Check Out The World’s First Augmented Reality Synthesizer

The groundbreaking technology debuted at Synthfest in Sheffield, U.K.

October 05, 2016

The Behringer DeepMind 12 is a fully analogue synthesizer, and when it ships later this year, the company says it will be the first instrument of its kind to include an augmented reality interface. FACT spotted video of the equipment's premiere at this year's Synthfest in Sheffield, U.K.


The physical synth connects with the augmented reality interface to allow the user to interact with the instrument's settings in real time. In the tech demo above, you can watch Synthfest attendants try out the technology. One of the most interesting features is the appearance of virtual dots on the synth's keys to help the musician know what to play.

From Synthtopia: "Behringer’s system displays visualizations of things like the synth’s envelopes and the patch bay, which you can directly manipulate. It also can overlay information over the keyboard itself." The DeepMind 12 will retail for around $999.99.

Check Out The World’s First Augmented Reality Synthesizer