Watch A Cartoon Bloodbath Unfold In Montreal Band Chocolat’s New Video

The psych rock fivesome introduce their new album’s fictional protagonist, Looloo, with the video for “Ah Ouin.”

October 05, 2016

French Canadian psych rock band Chocolat have based their whole new album, Rencontrer Looloo (which translates to Meet Looloo) on an alien demigod with a guitar for a head. The fabulously wild animated video for "Ah Ouin" introduces the album's protagonist, and features cartoon versions of the band playing their sweet, sweet psych rock. Here's what the band told The FADER over email about the visual:


"The video ‘Ah ouin’ depicts Looloo’s (the album’s main character) arrival on Earth. Neither a man nor a woman, its head is an upside down guitar and it wears an Evel Knievel suit.

"The alien quickly becomes a (sort of) half God to everyone, mostly to the people and creatures on the margins of society. Amongst them, there are nymphs, cats, a falcon, a jackal, strange Siamese, and other disreputable people capable of all vices. Idolized by its followers, Looloo orders the construction of its kingdom in the palm of a volcano and controls the crowd like a tyrant King of Rock’n Roll. It’s in this décor of chaos and magma that you see Chocolat perform.

"The visuals of the video are inspired by psychedelic-cartoon feel of the 1960s and a retro-sci-fi mood of the animation made in the '70s and '80s. It’s like a meeting between Yellow Submarine and sci-fi comic book Heavy Metal." Watch it above. The album comes out November 11 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond (and Dare to Care in Canada, and Teenage Menopause in France and Belgium).

Watch A Cartoon Bloodbath Unfold In Montreal Band Chocolat’s New Video