Islamiq Grrrls Drops Moody Bedroom Disco Track “Yr Love”

The Berlin musician searches for closure in the fog of her new single.

October 11, 2016
Islamiq Grrrls Drops Moody Bedroom Disco Track “Yr Love” Photo courtesy Islamiq Grrrls

Self-described "Bedroomfantasy" musician Islamiq Grrrls makes loneliness alluring on her new single "Yr love," premiering today on The FADER. The hazy and compulsively danceable track follows a debut single, the similarly heartbroken "You don't love me" and an "Islamic Meditation Mix" for NTS Radio. "Yr love" is emotionally bare, unafraid of pop, and favors gloomy new age over densely gothic ambience.


"The process of making music is very intuitive to me," Islamiq Grrls told The FADER in an email. "I don't know why or what I am doing half of the time, I pull on strings of thoughts and feelings and tie them to a sound. 'Yr love' just came out of the idea of what I call 'sad disco.' Disco music is very strange to me, it used to gather a bunch of people in a 'happy space' where young, heartbroken kids were trying to escape their reality by putting on their most expensive looking polyester shirt and go to dance. And disco music was the perfect refuge for doing that, because it is dance music layered with dramatic, haunting vocals and the saddest lyrics. Everything says 'I'm happy, I'm having a good time' but there is just something that keeps dragging you down. 'Yr love' is that comforting feeling of painful, heavy beats in your chest that make you dance with tears in your eyes."

Islamiq Grrrls Drops Moody Bedroom Disco Track “Yr Love”