Pandora Rebrands To Launch Premium Option, Pandora Plus

The streaming giant takes on a new look and feel for the product rollout.

October 12, 2016

In a two-part press release today, Pandora announced the rollout of its new premium tier, Pandora Plus, and a comprehensive revamp of its logo and core branding elements.


The ad-free Pandora Plus will be available for $4.99 per month, and offers users three key functionalities: the ability to replay songs, unlimited skips, and an offline mode that queues up stations automatically for later use. No word yet on when the company's on-demand streaming service will drop, but the release of Pandora Plus feels strategically aimed to coincide Amazon's standalone streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, announced earlier today.

The company's new logo, presented via animated GIF, showcases "the dynamic range of sound and color, visualizing the energy and emotion that artists pour into the creation of music, and that we feel as listeners." The announcement also comes accompanied by a short branded video, soundtracked by TNGHT's "Goooo." Watch below.

Pandora Rebrands To Launch Premium Option, Pandora Plus