7 Ways That Getting High Can Improve Your Art

According to JoJo.

October 13, 2016

JoJo infamously referenced Adderall and Red Bull on her career-realigning flip of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” back in 2011, but in her personal life she prefers a natural high. On her new album Mad Love, she speaks honestly about this — there’s even a song titled “Edibles.” During a recent conversation with The FADER in London, she explained how weed has helped her with anxiety, brought her closer to others, as well as unlocked new creative channels.

1. A mellow high can help you focus and move through writer’s block.

“I like to write alone,” JoJo explained. “If I’m in that state, I’ll break off to another side of the room while the music is playing, or the producer is working on something. I just like to be with my thoughts.”

2. And encourage you to be kind to yourself.
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Over the past decade JoJo has been through some tough times. After completing a lengthy legal battle with a former label, getting high has helped her to put things in perspective. “It's definitely helped with anxiety,” she said. “When I'm sweating the small stuff, it's really nice to decompress and get some relief from the pressure you put on yourself.”

3. Being high can keep you in an open, constructive mindset — as long as the dose is right.

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“I don't want to get too high, because then I get over-critical,” JoJo said. “There's that fine line for me where it's just lovely, and you can open up and enter into a shared space with the people you're around.”

4. And help to find a chill space that’s just for you.
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JoJo said she enjoys the sweetness of coming down after getting lifted. “The comedown is natural, not abrupt and scary. That's what's so wonderful about weed and why it should be legalized: nothing bad is going to happen to you.”

5. Choosing the right strain can set the right vibe.
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JoJo recommends choosing a strain you’re familiar with, to stay in control of your high. For her, sativa works in social situations with friends, while indica lends itself to moments of reflection and solitude. “It’s more of a nighttime, decompress vibe,” she said.

6. And make you more familiar with your own preferences and limits.

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JoJo stressed the importance of finding the method of weed consumption that works for you — whether that’s from a pipe, vape, or other ingestibles. “I don't smoke anymore — only a non-smoking high,” she said. “I found that it was harsh on my throat and was drying it out, so I was like, Let me chill. You don't want to be comatose, that’s no fun. Medicating in ways where you know exactly what you're getting is so much better.”

7. And ultimately, getting high can teach you that sometimes, you create your best with no help at all.

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As she hit the comeback trail for the release of a new album, JoJo admitted that she hasn’t been making as many trips to the dispensary. “To be honest, I have lately liked not being high,” she said. “I am more focused when I'm not.”

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7 Ways That Getting High Can Improve Your Art