Sunny Ali’s Video For “Ride Or Die” Is Pretty Weird But We Like It

It’s a mesmerizing collision of miniaturist painting, stop motion animation, and #OOTD selfies.

October 13, 2016

In the stop motion video for "Ride or Die" an animated Sunny Ali is surrounded by various household ephemera: a houseplant, a collage of Zayn Malik, a guitar and keyboard, a gas mask, a sword — wait, what? As the screen pans over the Philadelphia musician's bedroom, a grey plume from his gem-tipped smoke brings each object to life and eventually everything is floating in the air. But it turns out Ali, who makes lo-fi pop in addition to playing guitar for The Kominas, is extremely unbothered by all of this and more concerned with getting 'fits off for the gram. A blue suit with a black beret? Or maybe the western-inspired getup complete with bolo tie? As in life, likes accumulate on the skimpiest look, sealing Ali's sartorial fate.


"The song was very much a bedroom recording of mine so it makes sense that the video takes place in my bedroom," shares Ali over email. "There's a lot of music that I make that I don't think about releasing so it's nice to have friends who push me to." Cybee, the Philly-based artist behind the video, added that, "The video sneaks us into Sunny's bedroom where he performs his pre-show rituals. He summons his object friends, rendered from collage, stop motion, and digital animation, which along with his social media followers, help him get in the mood."

Sunny Ali’s Video For “Ride Or Die” Is Pretty Weird But We Like It