5 Haitian Charities Helping The Country Rebuild After Hurricane Matthew

These local organizations will do a lot with your donation.

October 20, 2016

Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew when the storm made landfall on October 4, killing over 900 people and destroying the homes of tens of thousands. It was a deep and tragic setback for a country still in the process of recovery after a catastrophic 2010 earthquake, but many local relief and support organizations have pushed on undeterred. Still, they need our help. Below is a selection you can donate to right now.

For more reputable charities, including non-local NGOs, check out this thread by @BrownBlaze. Musicians are chipping in too: NON Records will collect donations on Saturday, October 22 at Planet X in Brooklyn, and Kaytranada will go B2B with his brother Lou Phelps for a charity event at Montreal's Corona Theatre on November 3.


1. Konbit Mizik

This charity based in Port-Au-Prince identifies Haiti's most vulnerable populations and works to develop careers in music, provide a variety of training in different life and vocational skills, and help communities improve their livelihoods. "We simultaneously reject the perpetuation of Haiti’s dependency on international agencies while we celebrate Haiti’s beauty and riches with the world," says a statement on the Konbit Mizik website.


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Haiti is just one country MADRE operates in. The organization advocates for women and LGBTQ communities in countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. Still, their operations are finely tuned to the needs and cultures of specific countries. "Our partners are grassroots women leaders who know best what threats their communities face and what women and girls need to thrive," their website reads.


3. The Lambi Fund Of Haiti

"Lambi" in Haitian Creole means "conch shell," which has historical significance for Haiti's laborers. The Lambi Fund explains: "During the slave rebellion against the French colonialists in 1791, the lambi's call alerted the slaves to impending danger and the need to assemble." Today, The Lambi Fund tout a proven record of success in assisting Haitian communities to not just rebuild, but become sustainable.


4. Haiti Communitere

Haiti Communitere's Instagram page is full of pictures depicting the organization's on-the-ground emergency relief. But they're also entrenched in the communities they serve year-round, helping to identify and fix what each needs to be self-sufficient.


5. Sow A Seed

Sow A Seed places a focus on orphans in the Caribbean. Some of the organization's recurring initiative include: training for teachers, assisting students with the tools and encouragement they need to continue their education, fighting malnutrition with the help of different food organizations, and building a sense of cultural identity and creative expression with arts programs.


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5 Haitian Charities Helping The Country Rebuild After Hurricane Matthew