Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New MacBook Pros

Apple revealed the upgraded computers during a new live-streamed event.

October 27, 2016

Apple announced the new line of MacBook Pros today in an Apple Event during a new keynote in Cupertino. It's the first new MacBook Pro redesign in four years. A lot of changes are coming to the devices, so we've assembled the biggest ones below.

Introducing... the Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar is a new finger-sensitive Retina Display strip located just above the keyboard, and will replace the function keys. The display changes based on which apps you have open, so for example, when you're using Safari, the Bar will display your most visited websites.

The new computers will ditch traditional USB...

Four Thunderbolt 3-powered USB-C ports will replace the MacBook's standard USB ports. They'll replace MagSafe for charging the computer power, and provide functionality for HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and more. As FACT notes, many music producers will be required to purchase USB-to-USB-C connectors to keep connecting their instruments to the computer.

...but the headphone jack is staying, for now.
The rest of the workspace is upgraded, too.

By doubling the size of the Force Touch trackpad, Apple hopes there will be more room to pull off gestures with your fingers more comfortably. There's a new clicking mechanism too. Finally, the 2nd generation butterfly mechanism keyboard is more responsive.

They come in two colors.

Silver and space gray.

A brighter, more colorful display.

Both models will be 67% brighter, and display 25% more colors.

The new Macbooks will be the thinnest and lightest ever.

The new 13 inch computers will weigh three pounds, with 23% less volume. In terms of size, the 13 inch laptops will be 14.9mm thick, a drop from the previous generation's 18mm.

Apple's new 15 inch Macbook Pro will be 15.5mm thick, a 14% drop from 18mm. It'll weigh 4 pounds, with a 20% drop in volume.

The new design on both models will feature metal on all sides of the device.

They're are still not cheap.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar runs at $1499 USD, while one with the Bar goes for $1799. A 15 inch computer starts at $2399. Computers without the Touch Bar ship immediately, but you'll have to wait two or three weeks to get a MacBook Pro with the new addition.

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New MacBook Pros