Jalen Santoy Navigates Broken Relationships In The Video For “Foreplay”

The rapper’s Charlie Eastern EP is out November 18.

October 27, 2016

In the video for Jalen Santoy's "Foreplay," the Charlotte rapper explores ambivalence in relationships of all kinds. Dreamy slow-motion and pulsing colors style the stories of four loosely connected individuals moving through life, soundtracked by jazzy ruminations on our fates and the people helping steer it.


Over email, Jalen Santoy told The FADER what his upcoming EP Charlie Eastern means to him. "Charlie Eastern represents birth, foundation, and the willingness to show transparency in difficult situations. I lost a close cousin of mine in the process of making this project due to police brutality, a similar story that's known too well in our culture today. He was part of a rap group founded in Charleston called 'Charlie Eastern.' In this project I shed light on the different mindsets that innately come about when dealing with the unpredictable struggles of life."

Watch the video for "Foreplay" above and pre-order Jalen's Charlie Eastern EP here before it drops on November 18.

Jalen Santoy Navigates Broken Relationships In The Video For “Foreplay”