HONNE’s “Good Together” Video Shows That Love Is Love

This NSFW set of visuals captures the intimate moments between a diverse range of couples.

October 28, 2016

U.K. duo HONNE released their debut album Warm On A Cold Night earlier this year. It's a record of sleek, understated electronic pop whose title resonates more and more as winter arrives and the temperatures plummet. "Good Together" from the album is a bubbling and seductive call to one specific partner. However, for the song's official video, HONNE have widened their gaze and captured many different kinds of relationships in their most intimate moments.


Speaking to The FADER via email, HONNE said, "The video is a celebration of love and intimacy between all different shapes, sizes, races, and genders. People from all walks of life sharing special moments together. It's a testament to any relationship where you can be completely comfortable with someone even at your barest and most vulnerable moments."

Check out the video above.

HONNE’s “Good Together” Video Shows That Love Is Love