Arima Ederra Finds A Love High On “Artist Addiction”

I want to be your muse/ Let me be your muse/ I believe in you.

November 02, 2016
Arima Ederra Finds A Love High On “Artist Addiction” Adam Rhodes

Arima Ederra sings to an awe-inspiring lover on her Chloe Martini produced song, "Artist Addiction." With sincerity, she softly pleads with a special someone to surrender to her admiration, but it's not a song that's just about fascination. Ederra wants to know her lover beyond the physical. She sings, Is the grass always greener?/ Have you always been a dreamer?/ I want to help you find yourself/ Guide you, guide you through your realm.


Ederra told The FADER over email about the song's divine inspiration. "I was once told that our greatest inspiration lies in the eyes of a passionate person" she said. "I also believe that our eyes can lead us to a greater connection or source. Whether that is the eyes of a stranger, a lover, or simply looking into a mirror at yourself"

"To look into someone with admiration beyond a physical realm is inspiring and has inspired me many times before. To love someone with no intention of them loving you back. To believe in something, without asking anything in return. To be the spark in someone else's eyes, or your own. In the words of one of my greatest muses Frida Kahlo, 'I love you more than my own skin.'"

Arima Ederra Finds A Love High On “Artist Addiction”