Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Feel Connected To Black Lives Matter

Wayne vocally distances himself from the movement in a new Nightline interview.

November 02, 2016


In a clip from a new Nightline interview set to air tonight, Lil Wayne stated repeatedly that he did not feel connected to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The clip opens with Wayne responding to a basic question as to his thoughts on the movement. "What is it, what do you mean?" says Wayne. "It just sounds weird, it's not 'whatever whatever' [throwing up scare quotes]. it's somebody got shot by a policeman for a fucked up reason."

After the interviewer explains Black Lives Matter as a response to the fact that, "America didn't seem to understand that," Wayne responds, "I am a young black rich motherfucker. If that don't let you know that America understands black [expletive] matter these days, I don't know what it is."

Wayne gets increasingly animated in explaining his position: "That man white, he filmin' me," he says, gesturing to the camera man, "I'm a nigga. I don't know what you mean, don't come at me with that dumb shit ma'am." "My life matter," he continues, looking at the camera, "Especially to my bitch."

Finally, when the interviewer asks if he feels any connection to the movement whatsoever: "I don't feel connected to a damn thing that ain't got nothing to do with me," he says, "If you do, you crazy as shit."

Wayne has been has expressed similar sentiments a handful of times lately when asked about Black Lives Matter. In his New York Times interview, he evaded questions on the subject saying, "I’ve got all kind of color lives mattering up in here [his head — green, all kinds of stuff mattering." He was also recently quoted saying, there was "no such thing as racism," anymore in a recent Fox Sports appearance.

The full interview airs tonight at 12:15am ET. Watch the clip above for now.

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Feel Connected To Black Lives Matter