Zebra Katz Is On A Love Quest In “Hello Hi” Music Video

The New York rapper will release a new mixtape next month.

November 02, 2016

Zebra Katz is looking for love in his new music video for "Hello Hi." Over an intoxicating beat that hits the ear like a drug, the New York rapper allows the raw emotion of his lyrics to hang in the air. Hello, hi, are you the one? "This track is an ode to lust and longing," Katz told The FADER via email. "An honest glimpse into my vulnerable mind." Set to be released as a standalone single via ZFK Records, it's the precursor to a new mixtape set to drop next month.


Directed by Patrick Stemelen, the video for "Hello Hi" portrays a world of solidarity in a classic mansion — a nod to the feeling that, when your mind is preoccupied, there is no outside world. Sporting clothing from fashion designer Rick Owens, Katz creates the perfect visual dream to assist in his internal reflections.

It's the latest in a series of collaborations between Zebra Katz and Rick Owens. "Rick Owens and Michele Lamy have been a tremendous force in helping the world hear and know about Zebra Katz," Katz told The FADER. "Four years ago after 'Ima Read' was played on a loop for the duration of [Rick Owens's] runway show I would have never imagined that my life would have taken the turn it did. I've been very lucky to tour my live performances worldwide and to grow as a musician since then and I still thank Rick and Michele to this day for their support."

Zebra Katz Is On A Love Quest In “Hello Hi” Music Video