Those “Headphanie” Bottles Of Hennessy Are Real

The purple bottles are made by Florida clothing brand Lilac Company.

November 03, 2016

Young M.A's "OOOUUU" has dominated the summertime and the song's catchy line - You call her Stephanie, I call her Headphanie - has become a popular refrain. Over the last 24 hours, images of a purple Hennessy bottle with "Headphanie" written on the label have been circulating on social media. The special edition bottles were made by Florida boutique clothing brand Lilac Company, who debuted the bottle at their “Something Light” exhibit last Friday.


Pictures from the exhibit opening clearly reference Young M.A's hit song and "OOOUUU" is written on the bottle, prompting many on social media to inquire about the Brooklyn rapper's involvement in the collaboration. "How you gentrify HENNY?" one Twitter user asked. The brand responded to online criticism on Thursday morning, writing, "Stop saying we're tryna capitalize off @YoungMAMusic - this was an art idea, and that's all it is. We're in talks with her manager." They continued, "We tried multiple [sic] times to contact her before but she didn't respond until it went viral."

As of now, the "Headphanie" bottles are available at two brick and mortar stores in Florida, Lilac says an online release will be available “the next day or two.”

Representatives for Lilac and Young M.A were not immediately available for comment.

Those “Headphanie” Bottles Of Hennessy Are Real