Keznamdi Made A Song That Will Ease Your Election Anxiety

Watch the video for “Father Protect Me.”

November 04, 2016

My chest feels especially tight these days, and yours might too. There's no shortage of reasons to feel more anxious than usual — the upcoming U.S. election and ongoing global calamity can make even routine daily obligations feel extra-difficult to navigate. For the past week, I've found solace in Keznamdi's "Father Protect Me," a reggae tune that feels like a perfectly timed prayer. Father protect me, beg you keep me 'pon Jah/ Father protect me head back, he sings.


"On the journey to your dreams there are always obstacles and stumbling blocks trying to prevent those dreams so this track came from a spiritual place, it actually comes from a prayer I recite to the Almighty seeking guidance and protection before I start my day," Keznamdi explained.

And as for the vibe-y Los Angeles video, premiering today on The FADER, he added: "I am natural person, I prefer everything organic so one day while taking a break from studio sessions and label meetings I linked up with DT and the So Way Out crew from South Central L.A. and we just got to work and captured the vibes in the most natural settings."

Keznamdi Made A Song That Will Ease Your Election Anxiety