Supreme Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

They’re with her.

November 04, 2016

It's rare for streetwear brands to express opinions within the structures of pre-existing political structures ("fuck the population" is a more likely sentiment), but Supreme has done just that. While certain garments might express political sentiments, the brand has taken a step out of its comfort zone by explicitly endorsing Hillary Clinton's presidential run in an Instagram caption, going so far as to use the official hashtag #ImWithHer.


The Instagram, posted today, features skater Sage Elsesser front and center, holding up an "I Voted" sticker, with a caption reading, "This might be the most important decision of your life, make it count. Go Vote Tuesday, November 8th. #imwithher #fucktrump." The brand's partisanship seems to be rubbing many of its fans the wrong way. There's also angry commenters from the Trump camp, angry commenters from the Hillary camp blasting the Trump commenters, and perhaps angriest of all, commenters who vehemently believe that Supreme should stay in its lane and remain politically neutral.

As one commenter wrote, "Not gonna endorse anyone here since this shit is fucked and I might just go third party still, but you guys fucked up with this post lol. As a business you guys should just stay impartial and stay out of stuff like this...Second, Supreme is supposed to be the ultimate anti establishment brand and you voted for literally the establishment. You guys are fucking blind and that scares me because she is an evil bitch. Trump isn't much better, but you can't vote for one and act like the other is so much worse."

The comment section, in general, is a reflection of the generally-held "lesser of the two evils" perspective with which many young people are approaching the polls this election. And Supreme's active decision to contradict that narrative is making waves. Personally, we salute them taking the prerogative, and if they can convince even one fuck boy to vote against Trump, they've done the right thing.

Supreme Endorses Hillary Clinton For President