Donald Trump Mispronounced Beyoncé’s Name


November 07, 2016

At a rally in North Carolina on Monday afternoon, Donald Trump continued to criticize Hillary Clinton for receiving the endorsements of Beyoncé and Jay Z last Friday. While mentioning the two artists, Trump fudged Beyoncé's name, seemingly forgetting about the accent mark that falls on the last e of her name, saying something that resembled "bee-on-see."


According to The Huffington Post, Trump specifically took issue with the "language" that Jay Z and Beyoncé used on stage. Monday's rally was the third time this week that he's gone after Jay Z and Beyoncé after their appearance at Clinton's Cleveland rally. Sources in Trump's campaign have reportedly become annoyed with him going off message as the campaign is coming to a close, allegedly taking his Twitter account away from him.

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Donald Trump Mispronounced Beyoncé’s Name